Cataract Surgery

What is a Cataract?

A cataract is the clouding of the natural lens. The clouding in the lens disrupts transmission of light through the lens.


How do I know if I have cataracts?

There are many symptoms for cataracts. They include:

  • Blurry vision
  • Poor vision in dim lighting
  • Poor night vision
  • Poor color vision
  • Difficulty driving due to glare

Some people are more prone to developing this fairly common ailment. You may have elevated risk of developing cataracts if you are:

  • Over the age of 45
  • Diabetic
  • Take certain medications
  • Or have a family history of the condition

What treatments exist for cataracts?

The only treatment for cataracts is surgery. Through a surgical procedure, the existing, clouded lens is replaced by an artificial lens. This procedure restores vision and can permit patients to resume a normal, active lifestyle.

Dr. Rios performs the latest in cataract surgery procedures that are:

  • Small incision
  • No stitch
  • No needle
  • With quick vision recovery

Are all post-cataract intraocular lens implants the same?

No. Premium multi-focal and accommodative intraocular lenses are now available. These premium lenses allow patients to enjoy near, intermediate, and distant vision with a reduced or eliminated dependence on glasses.

We also offer the standard mono-focal lenses which require a final fit with glasses.


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